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An Importance of Disassembly System in Crane Hoist

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An Importance of Disassembly System in Crane Hoist

While standardizing the crane’s hoist, the characteristic features has to be determined first, so the system can work as a whole; Fem Classes, Capacity, Rope Reeving, Lifting/Travelling Speed and Lifting Height. Crane hoist are divided into groups inside of themselves within these features. Since the malfunction in one link of the chain will affect the system as a whole, these groups should be separated within the variables determined for the targeted purpose. Rope diameter is calculated depending on capacity and rope reeving for crane hoist which are divided into groups.
Depending on the calculated rope diameter the drum length has to be determined. The rope pitch processing size in accordance with the standards is determined. With the lifting height and rope pitch, the required drum length is calculated. Drum diameter and thickness are calculated according to the load per rope and drum length. Gearbox/Motor selection is made depending on the load per rope, drum diameter and lifting speed. The suitability of these calculated values or selections according to the Fem Class is checked. After the approval of conformity is obtained as a result of the controls, the wheel centers of the crane trolleys are determined according to the drum length. According to these wheel centers, endcarriages are also standardized according to parameters such as Fem Class, Capacity, Travelling Speed, Rail and Beam details. While the crane hoists were standardized, the disassembled system was adopted at the same time.
Targeted with the disassembled system; It is the creation of a whole on the assembly line by bringing together subassemblies or parts. Our final product designs are designed to be put together with fasteners without requiring any manufacturing method on the assembly line.
Speeding up production by using the same sub-assemblies in different crane series (VDH, EH, VDMH) with the same technical characteristics (or in the same group) as a result of disassembled system and standardization studies, facilitating integration with ERP programs, making design practical, facilitating traceability, standardizing special designs, simplification of work orders, etc. Has been set sail for us to achieve such goals.

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