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    Special Design Industrial Cranes

Process cranes, which we call special cranes, which work under heavy operating and intensive use conditions, are custom designed as customer-oriented and designed with a high engineering infrastructure. Solutions are offered with semi-automatic or fully automatic cranes according to the process needs of each sector. FEM class high heavy-duty process cranes used in the iron and steel industry, heavy industry facilities and similar industries are cranes where load attachments such as bucket, polyp or electromagnet can also be used. We can also manufacture Ex-proof cranes of all classes working in environments with petrochemical and similar flammable and explosive materials.

Smart Crane Systems 1

Smart Crane Systems

Smart Crane Systems are specially designed and manufactured for harsh working and intense usage conditions.
Shaft Process Cranes 2

Shaft Process Cranes

Shaft Cranes are an industrial crane system that is used in well excavation works, especially in metro stations.
Transfer Trolleys 3

Transfer Trolleys

Transfer Trolleys allow you to carry your loads horizontally on the rail system practically and safely.
Hydro Power Cranes 4

Hydro Power Cranes

specially designed cranes designed to perform installation, maintenance and repair dam covers operations quickly and easily.
Shipyard Cranes 5

Shipyard Cranes

These are powerful and high-torque cranes used in the manufacture and assembly of ships of all tonnages in the shipping industry.
Container Cranes 6

Container Cranes

It is specially designed and produced for the transportation and stacking of containers in ports or logistics centers.
Jib Cranes 7

Jib Cranes

It makes the lifting and rotating process most easily in a short distance suitable for use in open or closed areas that appeal to all kinds of sectors.
Rotary Trolley Type Cranes 8

Rotary Trolley Type Cranes

These are crane systems where the position needs to be changed and rotated after the loads are lifted.
Ex-Proof Cranes 9

Ex-Proof Cranes

These are the types of cranes designed to work in places where there is a risk of explosion and produced by methods that prevent spark formation.
Ladle Cranes 10

Ladle Cranes

They are high-class specially designed cranes that are designed to operate under high temperatures in foundries, carrying the ladles, carrying and tilting them.

Process Cranes Features

Process Cranes Design Features
  • Deflection is calculated at a rate of at least 1/1000 in double girder bridge constructions used with our custom manufacturing process cranes. It uses heat shields that protect the construction against heat as required.
  • Mechanisms are selected according to the desired lifting and execution speeds and working class.
  • Process Cranes are designed in the strongest and lightest way possible and manufactured in accordance with DIN norms and FEM standards
  • Lifting-lowering, execution gearboxes are produced by choosing the gearboxes with appropriate service factor according to parallel shaft type and fem classes.
Process Cranes Technology Features
  • In the main lift, auxiliary lift, trolley walking, bridge walking systems, inverter drives are used to provide non-impact movement and minimum load swing.
  • Within the application, phenomena such as positioning, positioning in x-y-z axes in process cranes, automatic stop-and-go movements in any direction, working time detection, electricity consumption, fault detection, remote intervention to some malfunctions can be processed.
  • Suitable motors, forced fans, air conditioners in the electrical room and control cabinet can be used according to the working environment.
  • It is stopped by electrohydraulic brakes. Emergency stop safety brakes can also be used according to tonnage and need.
Process Cranes Production Features
  • The welds of the bridge beams produced using quality certified sheet metals are checked by non-destructive methods, and the dimensions are controlled according to TS-EN-1090 tolerances.
  • All of the outsources of the bridge beams are welded with submerged arc welding robots.
  • In the production of crane bridges, sandblasting and painting are applied according to world standards. Special paint applications can be made considering the working conditions of the crane. We can paint in special colors requested by our customers.
  • In special manufacturing process crane systems; We have radio frequency remote control and control from the cabin options.
  • Single or double line I beam cable trolley current reception system is preferred as current receiving festoon line along the bridge.
Process Cranes Maintenance And Security  Features
  • There is a maintenance platform in accordance with the standards on one or two beams of the bridge in order to perform the maintenance safely in custom manufacturing process crane systems.
  • Options such as manually locked parking brake systems, monitoring systems, wind sensors can be used according to their usage areas.
  • At the walking end of the bridge, there are switches to cut the current without hitting the buffers. In addition, if there is more than one bridge crane system in the same hall, sensor switches are used to prevent them from hitting each other.
  • Loadcell load switches used in cranes are one of the biggest measures in preventing accidents in your business. With their digital features, load information can be transferred to a screen and provide continuous information about the loaded load.
  • Arnikon Engineering guarantees minimum load swing, minimum wear and tear, and low maintenance costs with its products.

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